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What, s Passionate flamingos?


​Photo: Miyoko Tamai

An art company that creates different compositions for each work with implicit human relationships like Nishiyuki.

Members are Kazuhide Shimamura (theatrical writer), Mirai Hattori (dancer), and Kiyoyuki Akiba (actor).

With a stressed body, dynamic beats, and a mysterious metaphor, he pursues the depths of human beings in a suspenseful manner. Participated in the 2015 Nishichofu Ichibangai Tsukurimachi Project. Performed at the atelier "Ukiku Base" and held workshops for citizens

In 2016, won the 7th Sengawa Theater Competition Grand Prix and 3 other crowns on the stage "Kirei Hikari".

Stage "Sigh without Yango" (Director: Kazuhide Shimamura / 14)

Movie "Parade" (Director: Naoto Kawamoto / 14)

Dance "She returns to me" (Director / Choreographer: Mirai Hattori / 15)

Stage "Harry Potter and Beyond the Ambiguous Arch" (Director: Kazuhide Shimamura / 17)

Stage "LOVE BATTLE FIELD" (Director: Kazuhide Shimamura / 18 )

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