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Flamingo of passion

Yokohama performance special project

"What is "O Planetes"?

The stage "O Planetes-Where are you?"

This is the longest creative period for a passionate flamingo.

Around the fall of 2018 Ancient Greek feature-length epic

Think of a project based on "Odyssey"

Workshop will start in July 2019.

Work-in progress (performance in the middle of production) in September

We announced it in an outdoor space called Shimokitazawa Cage.

Rework the script from there

November This performance was held at Gotanda Atelier Helicopter.


February 15th (Sat) and 16th (Sun), 2020

It will be the final performance at Wakabacho Wharf, Yokohama.

Therefore, in commemoration of this performance, many people

I received words and voices.

What is "O Planetes"?

Please look forward to the final performance in Yokohama.

Flamingo of passion


In no particular order

Island village Kazuhide of masterpiece!

Humans and puppets, manipulators and manipulators, silent chatter, tinnitus and skyquake, swaying hearts and swaying ships are more and more synchronized, and the overnight voyage reminds us of the journey of 49 days after death. Like a dream world.

But the tranquility of drifting is eerie and terrifying, and the destination is real. Watching the main character Aoki sway between dreams and reality is itchy, funny and lovely.

I was even more impressed by the depth of the bosom that the audience could freely discover the studded gimmicks. I'm looking forward to the voyage of the replay!

Nanohide Kanazawa (Seinenza Theater Company / Director )

" O Planetes", a humor that wrinkles like being bitten by a poisonous lizard without fangs. An adventure tan that is hurt and runs away, even though it is an Odyssey, but not a hero at all. I have embraced emotions that I rarely do in my powerless kindness.

Hideki Yashiro

(Japanese radio representative, playwright, director )

To have a funny talent without between difference,
Whenever I went to see a performance, I was missing about two important things.
If you feel sorry
"Oh, Planetes" made a big deal.
There was nothing regrettable, and the tragedy and comedy were full of power.
Kazuhide Shimamura said that he was serious about it,
Is it so good?
I secretly think he sold his soul to the devil for perfection.

Kyoko Tokunaga (Theatrical Journalist)

Sweet beauty of all is too late drama before, the bottom of the missing return to reality from. I want you to watch it anyway. This "impossible" should be familiar to you.

Kowloon Joe (Writer, Editor)

Ice rain pouring of late autumn night, theater at the factory ruins of the hut on the edge of Gotanda. The play that made full use of modern language that unfolded on an asymmetric and simple stage was full of highlights. The symbolic stage setting, like the allegory of a shipboard party, is clever and encourages the concentration of the audience.

A finely crafted smooth script and a production that holds down the acupoints. Show up in places

There's a little madness, and of course the story that doesn't bother me but doesn't get the point is unknown.

The enthusiastic performance by the overly good actors (notice the charisma of Soichiro Niimi), which may be a sign of being full of metaphors, was also satisfactory.

The final performance location is the reason for Minato Yokohama, which is suitable for this work. It is a fulfillment of the latest elaborate and elegant plays.


It's so different from the flamingos of my passion that I said "What kind of theater company are you watching?" ?? I also make such a work! ??

Cosmetic surgery, children, contractual relationships ... As the unconscious perpetrators and cheats are chained together, what was supposed to be someone's sin feels like their own sin. The ridiculous looseness of the characters is humorous, but urgent, a story of a day of voyage / regret that makes it feel like a man is dreaming.

The script with theatrical gimmicks and motifs, and the heat of the actor who knocks everything down. I was overwhelmed while grinning all the time!

Momoko Kono (Writer)

" The lifespan of an organization is longer than that of a human being."

Life is the history of fighting and accepting things that have a longer lifespan than you. The "company," "society," "world," and things that have a long lifespan accept us, but they do not fight against us.

Opratenes is the story of a man named "Aoki" who is spinning in the correlation between "past" and "present". I want you to see the breathing of a wandering man while the signs of the end are shining in the "waves" and in the "humans".

Shimamura-kun, I wrote Elai-mon again. The "world" you deal with is tough.

Mr. Takise of Agricultural Cooperative

( Founder of Cooperative Business Administration Learning Group "Mirai Juku")

At the end of this journey from land to land over the sea, the end of the harbor is a completely endless home. Where is our return place that cannot go to the sea on land?

On the return trip that you don't recognize, the texture that you remember is questioned-where are you? -

Literary, allegorical, and sometimes even a painting-smooth and beautiful moment, it was a chilling reality that was firmly grasped in this hand. Harm and damage, sin and regret. The courage to keep focusing on the negative of human beings, the power of words tested by short lines, and the skill of the actor who borders it. Passionate flamingo, Kazuhide Shimamura, awakens here!

Miiko Okada (Writer)

" O Planetes" is written and directed by the up-and-coming Kazuhide Shimamura. Based on Odyssey, it depicts a man's miserable two days. Aoki (Kaoru Iida), an employee of a successful company in the 2000s, embarks on an overnight cruise ship planned by the company. Business partners and customers are invited to the ship. Kamei, the president, immediately reaches out to a young woman. Aoki's exacerbation of Kamei is revealed.

It must have been a relatively blessed life for Aoki, but the road is steadily deviating. Life is mysterious like Odyssey.

Amari Hayashi

(Excerpt from the best three selected this month by the comprehensive theater magazine Teatro)


A corner to publish the interviewed sound source.

With performers, staff, and respected artists

Enjoy the interview as if you were on the radio

Shizuko Mochizuki   ×   Kenichiro Koidemizu

Coff (music) ×   Kiyoyuki Akiba 

Satomi Hoho  ×  MIKI the FLOPPY 

Tomomi Mika x Shintaro Yokote x Kazuhide Shimamura

[Guest] Synchro Girl

Go Kogoma (art / lighting)

Suzuyuki Kaneko x Hanari Hoshino x Satomi Hobo x Kazuhide Shimamura 

[Guest] Compsons

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