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​​"Wait a minute" spin-off live project
Kochi talent ​ Hiroko Hamaguchi One-man Live in Pook
One-man please!

Sometimes a singer, sometimes an actor, sometimes a radio DJ


Take time

Hiroko Hamaguchi, a talent from Kochi.

I went to Hamaguchi's live too much

Shimamura offers a live performance.

Leave the stage of "Wait a minute" as it is

Spin-off one-man live


"Hamako-san, please give me a one-man operation!"

It is held! !!

Shimamura wrote it without permission
Profile of Hiroko Hamaguchi

In 1985, the quay of Katsurahama was hit by intense waves.

Born one day in the year.

When he was in the second year of high school, he saw the Tony Awards and was reminded that he should go this way.

After that, I went to a university in Tokyo. Appeared on the stage a lot.

Notably, it won the highest award at the 7th Toga Village Director Competition.

Acting of Okazaki Art Theater "Desire Grabbed Tail (Written by Pablo Picasso)".

Tadashi Suzuki praised Hamaguchi's performance.

I think that's amazing ...

However, Hamaguchi steers from theater to a new world .

Music begins.

2011, in the wake of the debut live "Hiroko Hamaguchi greatly sing"

Started music activities.

July 2012 1st mini album "OL and Bird",

In February 2018, the 2nd mini album "Waruine" was released with all songs played.

In recent years, "Hiroko Hamaguchi's never-ending radio" has been updated on YouTube.

For a number of radios that far exceed the number of MVs

Isn't it a radio DJ, no Youtuber ...

There is also a story like

I don't care about that anymore.

Lightly like a wandering gunman, with staggered legs,

The title in front of Hamaguchi who crosses the medium

It's useless.

Rather, the title should come to Hamaguchi for greetings.

(Sorry for creating the profile text without permission, Mr. Hamako) Kazuhide Shimamura

Click here for Hiroko Hamaguchi's official profile

Mr. Hamaguchi drinking vice sour
I miss the time when I can drink normally
OLと鳥 (1).png
1st mini album "OL and Bird"
2nd mini album "Worry"


June 20, 2021 (Sun)

DOOR  / OPEN 17:00

START  17: 15 ~

​Flooring and Mr. Hamaguchi


​Mr. Hamaguchi who lowers his eyes

Shinjuku Puk Pupa Theater

* 10 minutes walk from the New South Exit of JR Shinjuku Station

2-12-3 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Wait a minuteSpin-off planning

"Hamako-san, please give me a one-man operation! 』\

ADV 2,500 Yen  

Wait a minute, theater discount ticket *

2,000 Yen

* Please present the "A little wait (complete version)" stub at the time of reception or the reception email at the time of reservation.

​Great value!
​Please buy it together!

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[For visitors | Countermeasures against new coronavirus infectious diseases​ about】

​Please look forward to Hiroko Hamaguchi's one-man live ~~


​Click here for Hiroko Hamaguchi's homepage SNS

Kazuhide Shimamura 5 years ago
​​ I don't know Hamako yet at this time
スクリーンショット 2021-05-12 10.47.14.png

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​Click here for Hiroko Hamaguchi's music video and radio

Office lady and bird [MV]

[Radio] Spirited Away 1/9 with Kumi-san and Spirited Away


[Radio] The story of the voice check and the appearance of Mr. Nishida with Mr. Natsuko Nishida, who first appeared.

[Past Radio] Who is Hiroko Hamaguchi: Times to trace roots

(Guest: Professor Okamura)

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